StressKnot Memberships

Five-star massages from the comfort of your own home. Book a licensed, insured massage therapist with years of experience for your next massage today.

We are True New Yorkers.

Like you, we have experienced all the city has to offer first-hand. That’s including, the headaches, long stressful days, busy schedules, neck and back pain, tough transportation, and the goal of trying to make it in NYC.
Flat Fee

We offer transparent, flat-rate pricing, and our therapists appreciate your tips, 5-star reviews, and referrals.

Online Scheduling

We often have same-day appointments in a variety of massages to meet many of your needs.

No Stranger Danger

All of our professional massage therapist are licensed, and insured with years of experience.


We are a small eco-friendly business, which allows us
maximum flexibility and responsiveness for our growing client base.

Membership Options

All signature massages include a steam towel treatment, aromatherapy and your choice of Swedish or deep tissue massage.

KnotToday Plan (60 Minutes)

Embrace the serenity of our KnotToday Plan, designed for those who crave a quick escape from the daily grind. In just 60 minutes, our skilled therapists will unravel your stress knots, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated. Enjoy a monthly session at an exclusive member price and earn reward points with every visit. Start your journey to inner peace today with KnotToday.

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KnotBeGone Plan (90 minutes)

Experience the ultimate relaxation with our KnotBeGone Plan. In 90 minutes, we'll take you on a journey to unwind, release tension, and melt away stress knots. Whether you seek tranquility or need targeted relief, this plan offers it all. As a member, you'll save on every session and earn valuable points towards additional sessions or enhancements. KnotBeGone – your path to lasting relaxation.

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KnotNoMore Plan (120 minutes)

Elevate your well-being with our KnotNoMore Plan. Two blissful hours of pure indulgence, designed for those who refuse to settle for less. Our therapists will customize your session to your unique needs, ensuring complete relaxation and stress relief. As a KnotNoMore member, you'll enjoy significant savings and accrue points for future massages or enhancements. Experience the pinnacle of relaxation with KnotNoMore.

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