Signature Massages

$200.00 1 hour

Please note: All StressKnot Clients are responsible for providing two sheets and a pillow case for their session.

All signature massages include a steam towel treatment, aromatherapy with your choice of Swedish or deep tissue massage.

Full descriptions of each are below.



Experience the essence of our relaxing floral aromatherapy blend with our signature StressKnot massage
Our therapists use a combination of expert techniques and our herbal-infused avocado oil to ease muscle tension, reduce chronic stress, nourish, and hydrate your skin. Our steamed towel facial with J’espere anti-aging facial serum will help to reduce fine lines and give your skin a youthful glow.


Awaken your senses and improve your mental and physical health with our signature Ready massage. This message features dry brushing in a mist of our warm, spiced citrus aromatherapy blend to exfoliate dry skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and improve circulation, leaving you ready to take on the daily stresses NYC has to offer.


Melt away stiff, sore muscles and bring the body back into balance with our ultra relaxing therapeutic C.B.Destress massage. Following a steamed towel treatment to the hands and feet, our therapists apply a warm, soothing pain-alleviating oil to the reflex zones on your hand and feet, melted down from our very own hand-crafted massage candle.